WhatsApp is one of the biggest social media chatting platforms in the world. Nowadays, Whatsapp dare games & messages are going much popular in which youngsters are addicted to it. Generally, in our daily life too we play lots of games with our friends and family members but they are not so interesting as compared to WhatsApp Dare Messages. And Yes in among all dares the best one you will love to play is Whatsapp Smiley Dare.

In these Games, we have to send Whatsapp Dares to our Contacts and they have to reply within seconds. After that, you will send them Dare list for their selected Number. There is no change to go back after once you have joined the game. Let you know, those Dares are much interesting than your thinking that’s why we all loves to play these with our friends on Social Media.

Whatsapp Dare Games

There are lots of different Whatsapp Dares for us in which most popular are Whatsapp Smiley Dare, Whatsapp Dare Quiz and Whatsapp Number Dare 1 to 74, etc… We are going to share all of them in this article for you. You can also make some fun with your college or school friend with these interesting Whatsapp Dare Questions with Answers.

Whatsapp Dare Games & Messages With Answers

Here, we will share all popular Whatsapp Dare Games & Messages with Answers. In Google, there are lots of sites available which shared many Whatsapp games but most of them are not getting any updates from the past few months and their Dares are very old. As we all love new things, not only things we update yourself with the trend. Well, don’t worry we searched a lot on the internet and collected some latest Whatsapp Dare Questions with Answers to play with your friends and chill out.

Here is the Whatsapp Dare collection of each category.

Whatsapp Smiley Dare

Whatsapp Smiley Dare

😭  😌  ☺  😞  😣  😢  😂  😏  😪   😥  😰  😅 😘  😚  😍  😙  😜  😝  😛  😄  😃  😀  😗  😒  😊  😉  😳  😁

Select your desired Smiley and reply within 10 seconds and get ready for your dare.

  • 😭 Describe me in 3 lines.
  • 😌 Take me For a long drive
  • ☺ Tell me ur deepest secret.
  • 😞 Tell me whom you kissed first in your life
  • 😣 Tell me honestly whom do you love?
  • 😢 Tell me about your love. Describe him/ her.
  • 😂 Write a status that I am the best and keep it for one day.
  • 😏 I will ask you three questions which you have to answer honestly.
  • 😪 Upload a picture which I will give you, like your profile pic on FB.
  • 😥 Propose me right now.
  • 😰 Send me a video of yours by saying anything.
  • 😅 Write a text about me and send it to me.
  • 😘 Tell me something about your personal life.
  • 😚 Give me Cadbury silk when u meet me.
  • 😍 Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
  • 😙 How you want me to be?
  • 😜 Send me your crush picture.
  • 😝 Write your status saying you love me.
  • 😛 Put my DP as your for 2 day
  • 😄 Send me your funniest picture.
  • 😃 Tell me ur crush name
  • 😀 What do you feel about me?
  • 😗 Put my DP and my status for 4 hours.
  • 😒 Hug me tight when you will meet me.
  • 😊 Do my any work.
  • 😉 On spot, selfie must send now whatever You are doing.
  • 😳 Do my recharge of 100/-
  • 😁 Send me 10 friendship messages.

Whatsapp Dare Quiz

Send these Whatsapp quizzes to your friend and ask them to answer it as soon as possible. If he/she fails, send him/her correct answer.

  • 1st Question: Where was the First Potato found?

Answer: In the ground.

  • 2nd Question: What comes down but never goes up?

Answer: Rain

  • 3rd Question: What is the easiest way to get to Heaven quickly?

Answer: Just stand in front of the fast-moving train.

  • 4th Question: Which is the most Shocking city in the world?

Answer: Electricity

  • 5th Question: What will happen, if Money starts growing on trees?

Answer: Simple, girls will start dating Monkeys.

Have a look at this video which I found on YouTube. It’s really funny and interesting so I thought I should share this with our readers.

I think this is enough for this article, this blog is all about Whatsapp Dares for Girlfriend, Lover, Friends. Go to our homepage and check out more new Whatsapp Slam Book, Whatsapp Puzzle and all.